FRIMA GmbH & Co. KG – system supplier for the concrete industry

8. May 2019

When the productivity or availability of a concrete block manufacturing system declines, it usually points to a need for larger investment sums in order to maintain competitiveness. A retrofit often…

Laser-based block height measurement

8. May 2019

Since its foundation in 2004, Frima GmbH & Co. KG has specialised in concrete block-making systems for slab sizes from 1,200 x 550 up to 1,400 x 1,400 mm (E…

Angelus Block invests in Product Quality

1. May 2015

First, FRIMA was awarded the contract for the modernization of the existing production line, followed by the integration of a new HP 1200 concrete block machine (including the 3D visualization…

Brett Landscaping (UK) is Breaking New Ground

30. June 2009

Rectangular paving stones are one of the main products of British manufacturer Brett Landscaping and Building Products. FRIMA developed a forming system that safely transforms rectangular stones into herringbone composite.