Product refinement


Refinement plays an increasingly important role in the field of concrete goods production. A central theme is the artificial aging of the stones. Coloured accents and coatings set trends.

We see ourselves as your development partner in the expansion of your portfolio when it comes to product refinement, as well. Ask us about custom solutions for your product idea.

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Wash system


Concrete blocks can be washed out with the FRIMA washing system for surface refinement without changing their position.

The lifting table tilts the products to let the water drain.

With oscillating, individually adjustable nozzles, the special facing concrete is washed away from the freshly produced product.

A flushing device rinses the washed-out material with a uniform film of water. Predrying via downstream air nozzles is also an option.

Simply replacing the nozzle carrier with special nozzles and arrangements makes it possible to wash even high and low shelves.

  • • Lift with electric geared motor
  • • Radial pump 100l/min; max. 16 bar
  • • Drive of the oscillating nozzle carrier with geared motor
  • • Travel drive via electric geared motor incl. frequency inverter
  • • The height and angle of the nozzle carrier are individually adjustable
  • • Nozzle carrier for drying
  • • Wash system for single and double board
  • • Suitable for washing paving and kerb stones
  • • All parts with direct water contact made from stainless steel
  • • Optional: wash tub; nozzle carrier for kerb stones

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Embossing system


With the FRIMA embossing system, you can refine concrete stones through artificial aging. The surface becomes rougher and looks more rustic. The position of the stones does not have to be changed. FRIMA embossing systems are available as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the production system.

Offline embossing system – patented, cutting-edge technology

This system can process coarse (single-layered), rustic as well as fine-grained surfaces of paving stones, slabs, palisades, kerb stones and bricks.

Two opposing waves, which are equipped with special tools, process the stone surface. The intensity can be changed by means of various parameters. This unique process is protected by a European patent.

Online embossing system – the integrated solution

The online embossing system works like a car wash – not on the fresh concrete side, but on the dry side. The embossing system is integrated directly into the production line.
The advantage: the omission of additional equipment, e.g. the formation of a line. Due to the compactness of the system, other embossing processes are possible, not just the conventional ones. Many other treatment techniques can be implemented in one operation very economically.

  • • Maximum processing width: 1200 mm
  • • Maximum processing height: 400 mm
  • • Daily output (8h) depending on requirements: 1000 to 1400 sqm
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Colour mix


The Colour mix bucket conveyor enables the production of coloured stones. Four buckets are filled by the mixer in succession with four colour concrete mixtures. Each bucket is designed as a weighing container.

The fresh concrete pours into the machine hopper via the roller feeder. The variable dosing capacity is determined by the discharge width, by the two separate height slides and by the frequency-controlled speed of the dosing roller.

The coloured fresh concrete is transferred to the left and right or from both outlet sides at the same time. The concrete amount is preselected in kilograms. The recipes, which are stored according to colours, weights and dispensing positions, can be reproduced precisely at any time.

  • • Number of colour buckets: 4
  • • Colour concrete quantity: 4 x 1200 kg
  • • Dosing capacity: 1 bis 28 l/s
  • • Speed: 0,1 bis 0,8 m/s