The more your employees know about the operation and control of your concrete block equipment, the more efficient and smoother the manufacturing processes are. This is why staff training is a big priority for us and is an integral part of each of our service packages.

The process engineering training includes:
  • Parameter setting and optimization
  • Recipe analysis and product data analysis
  • Maintenance planning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operational safety


Even though we attach great importance to easy operation during development, the systems are highly complex. A modern concrete block machine requires setting and tuning about 600 parameters – and that’s only on the wet side. Our training enables your employees to effectively manage these processes. It is an investment that pays off. Every single day.

"If you understand how things relate, you can take control much more efficiently. This is motivating for employees! You can see how much employees and companies benefit from the training every day. "

Mario Trassat, Head of Training and Service