Intelligent control principle

The control system of all FRIMA systems is based on proven Siemens S7 technology. It is the perfect foundation for the automation of production and the digitization of the value chain.

Error resistance, quality management, waste prevention and thus the saving of resources: Control of FRIMA equipment can always be equipped with product tracking. After a product change, the parameters of the individual system components are automatically adapted to the new products.

3D visualization system – high end technology for efficient data management

With our HMI (human machine interface) visualization concept, we use a PC-based system with 3D technology in all our systems. In sub-controls, the data input/output is realized via so-called touch panels. The operation is intuitive to learn and Windows-compliant.

All benefits at a glance:

All machines/complete production lines are displayed dynamically in real time. They can be zoomed and rotated freely. The visualization is connected to the PLC by the fast Profinet (Ethernet).


All variable parameters are clearly displayed and can be comfortably set via the PC. A quick adaptation of the recipe to new product lines is an option. In addition, it is possible to save the variable parameters as a recipe.


For fast troubleshooting, the integrated error evaluation shows all statuses that led to the problem graphically and in plain text. Users can react quickly and avoid rejects or downtime.


All production data (e.g. product name, quantity produced, cycle time, effectiveness, etc.) are stored in an Excel spreadsheet.